Harkers – Best Pigeon Treatments for Outdoor Aviary

Pigeons are like doves as they both have short-legs, stout-bodies and a good pet in every household. Pigeons have common and yet dangerous diseases that can cause a variety of health problems and even death. Diseases like 

  • Canker -  a disease caused by a protozoan (one-celled) parasite, Trichomonas gallinae that is easily transmitted from bird to bird as they share water bowls, exhibit billing with other adult pigeons, and feed young pigeons. 
  • Lice, Flies and Mites Chlamydia - External parasites that can also cause more serious damage
  • Coccidia- an intestinal protozoan 
  • Worms- can be attained from eating insects and ingesting infected food from other birds 

These can surely be harmful for our beloved pigeons health.  We humans will be able to help eradicate these diseases by using the proven Harkers Pet Pigeon Treatment.




Harkers 4 in 1 Treatment

Harkers 4 in 1 Soluble is for the treatment and prevention of

  • canker
  • coccidiosis
  • worms 
  • external parasites (lice and mites) 

Harkers Duramitex Plus Spray

Helps wipe out red mites in pigeons loft and aviaries

  • Red Mites

Harkers Harke-Mectin Pigeon Treatment

Helps treating internal and external parasites

  • Lice
  • Flies
  • Mites Chlamydia

Harker's 3 in 1

Harkers 3 in 1 treatments are for the prevention of Coccidiosis, Canker and Worms in a single dose! Take away the hassle of treating birds with three separate medicines.

  • Coccidiosis
  • Canker 
  • Worms