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Harkers Coxitabs a Coccidiosis Treatment

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COXITAB is a tablet treatment and control for Coccidiosis which is caused by Eimeria Labbeana and Elmeria Columbarium in homing and show pigeons. Birds should be treated when mated and again 3-4 weeks later to prevent infection of nestlings. In order to reduce the risk of re-infection following treatment, good management and hygiene practices are essential, in particular, regular cleaning of the premises to remove pigeon excreta.

If signs of disease persist or appear, consult your veterinary surgeon


HARKERS COXITABS - COCCIDIOSIS TABLET Treatment and Control designed for Pigeons, and Chickens.

Coxitab contains Diclazuril 2.5mg

What to Do:

One tablet per pigeon, regardless of weight to be placed in the mouth. To facilitate dosing, the pigeon should be held by a second person. The tablet should be gently pushed through the opened beak and throat as far as possible into the gullet. All birds in the same loft should be treated simultaneously to prevent re-infection by untreated birds.